ZOLL AEDs Helping Save Lives

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Early defibrillation is a critical component in treating sudden cardiac arrest, and ZOLL® offers
automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to meet the needs of a full range of lay
rescuers, first responders, and hospital professionals.




Lifesaver 101 First Aid & CPR Training is committed to being the best place to acquire your First Aid & CPR certification. Our courses have been prepared to meet the requirements of Regulation 1101 of the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act.

At Lifesaver 101 our programs provide participants with an enthusiastic, fun and effective approach to First Aid & CPR training.  Our WSIB compliant courses are perfect for workplace requirements as well as the needs of students and other individuals seeking First Aid and CPR certification.

We will prepare you to confidently and effectively respond and assist in an emergency by following the simple Lifesaver 101 Rules of 123 & ABC.

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